Musicians from around the world have recorded Leona’s Augustine’s song “I’m Dreaming of No One But You” as a swinging, big band tune. This recording is an attempt to bring the song to life in the style that was popular when it was written in 1942. The song is now available — hear it today!

The big band version of Leona Augustine’s “I’m Dreaming of No One But You” is now available! Written in 1942, the song was finally released on January 15, 2021. That date would have been Leona’s 106th birthday.

The recorded version of the song is now available on all major streaming services:

You can also learn more about Leona Augustine’s amazing life and see how this song was recorded thanks to musicians from around the world. Also, a number of media outlets have reported on the release of this song, see their stories.

Here is the official music video for “I’m Dreaming of No One But You.” The artwork in the video is based on a painting of Leona’s childhood home by folk-artist Dee Dann.

Click here for information about the first-ever live performance of Leona’s song by the Starlighters Swinging Big Band.

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We would be honored for any bands to perform Leona Augustine’s “I’m Dreaming of No One But You.” We are offering the sheet music as a free download. This includes a full 22-part instrumental score — including sheet music for each individual instrument. We also have an arrangement for a vocal duet. If you perform this song, we’d love to hear about it. Send us an email at: